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D.P. Lund Company has extensive experience working with governmental entities and their Architecture & Engineering Departments.  We understand their need for more documentation and we are happily willing to provide it.  We work hand in hand with the government agency to deliver a great design while keeping the tax payer in mind.


Image of Don Anerson Hall University of Montana

University of Montana


Missoula, MT

  • Don Anderson Hall
  • Size:  57,000 SF
  • Construction Cost:  $11 Million
  • Radio & TV Broadcast Studios



Don Anderson Hall houses all four options of print, photo, broadcast news, and broadcast production for the college.  This state of the art facility includes radio and TV broadcast studios.  The building design was guided by LEED standards and is a model of energy efficiency.


image of electrical service

University of Montana Western


Dillon, MT


Some projects are easier than others.  This project tested the limits of detailed design, short design period and short construction period.

The Physical Education building on the University of Montana - Western Campus (Dillon, MT) serves as more than classroom and gym space; it's the largest venue in the area.  Unfortunately, the electrical service and distribution system kept the client from fully utilizing the building.  Over the years many opportunities such as concerts and public speakers had been lost; the building simply lacked adequate electrical provisions.


A new electrical service was just the beginning.  A new pad-mount transformer with loop-feed provisions was specified.  The existing service equipment consisted of a combination panel board and small form factor motor control center.  This equipment was replaced with modern and expanded switchgear.  New feeders and panels were installed from the new gear to the gymnasium spaces.  Going the extra mile for the client meant making recommendations for portable event power distribution that was not included in the construction package but was later purchased when funds were available.

Governmental Portfolio

  • U of M Campus Lighting Energy Improvements Phase 4
  • MUTD Bike Shelter
  • University of Montana Liberal Arts Fire Alarm Replacement
  • U of M College of Technology Lighting Upgrades
  • U of M Campus Lighting Energy Improvements Phase 3
  • U of M Campus Lighting Energy Improvements Phase 2
  • U of M Art Annex Energy Upgrades
  • DNRC Energy Retrofit
  • U of M IT Risk Analysis
  • U of M Skaggs Metering Change
  • Montana Tech Campus Fire Alarm Study
  • U of M Western Matthews Residence Hall Report
  • U of M Campus Lighting Energy Improvements Phase 1
  • U of M Fire Alarm Improvements 1
  • U of M Social Science Voltage Regulation Study
  • Curry Health Service Data Center
  • Autumn Creek Subdivision Sewer Lift
  • U of M Western PE Building Electrical Evaluation
  • U of M Western Gym Lighting Retrofit Evaluation
  • Wye Water System Lift Station
  • U of M Medium Voltage System Evaluation
  • U of M Music Building Fire Alarm Upgrade
  • MSU College of Business Arc Flash Study
  • MSU Library Testing Center
  • U of M Fine Arts Smoke Alarm
  • Missoula Courthouse Chamber
  • MSU Arc Flash Training
  • Missoula College Fire Alarm
  • U of M Climbing Wall Lights
  • MSU Arc Flash Study
  • City of Shelby Well Generator
  • U of M Jesse Hall Fire Alarm
  • U of M Miller Hall Fire Alarm
  • U of M Data Center




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