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Photo of GSK building

GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)

Hamilton, MT


  • Prescription Drug Manufacturer
  • Power Study
  • Arc Flash & Electrical Safety Training
  • Model Electrical Safety Program


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a world leader in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing.  They have high standards for their production quality so when they called us, we felt honored to help them with their power study, arc flash training, and model electrical safety program.


As a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, each “run” takes an extended time period and has a very high monetary value.  This is a textbook example of the need for a coordination study.  If a short circuit should occur, it’s critical that the nearest upstream breaker opens to clear the fault, while further upstream breakers do not operate, thus minimizing the effects of the short circuit on facility production.  If downtime and outages matter, you need a coordination study.  Breaker and fuse response to short circuits is predictable!

Montana State University

Bozeman, MT

  • Engineering & Computer Science
    • Norm Asbjornson Hall
    • Roberts Hall
    • Cobleigh Hall
    • Barnard Hall
  • Life & Earth Sciences
    • Leon Johnson Hall
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
    • Jake Jabs Hall
Photo of Norm Asbjornson Hall Montana State University

Norm Asbjornson Hall

Photo of Roberts Hall Montana State University

Roberts Hall

Photo of Leon Johnson Hall Montana State University

Leon Johnson


Photo of Cobleigh Hall Montana State University
Photo of Barnard Hall Montana State University
Photo of Jabs Hall Montana State University



Cobleigh Hall

Barnard Hall

Over the years, we have worked with Montana State University to provide power studies for a number of buildings and arc flash training to their staff.


MSU's most recent addition to its engineering buildings, Norm Asbojornson Hall, is a 110,000-square-foot building that houses 10 classrooms and 17 instructional and research labs. One lab houses 3-D printers for students to turn their designs into reality. 
This was a fun project!

Photo of Wagstaff, Inc Spokane, Washington facility


Spokane, Washington


  • World Leader in Direct Chill Aluminum Casting
  • 10 Building Facility
  • 220,000 Sq. Ft.
  • 400+ Arc Flash Labels
  • Office, Manufacturing, and Research & Development Spaces


When Wagstaff, Inc. identified the need to meet OSHA’s mandate for NFPA 70E compliance, they looked to D.P. Lund Company for professional solutions.


We worked with their electrical maintenance workers and facilities group to compile the existing information that was available on their electrical systems.  We then field verified and updated the electrical one-line data, collected overcurrent device information, and documented the feeders and loads, in each of their 10 buildings, covering 220,000 square foot of office, manufacturing, and research & development spaces.


This information was analyzed and recommendations were made to bring under-rated equipment into compliance and to improve electrical system coordination.


We then returned to their campus to provide two 4-hour training classes and to make the recommended changes to the breaker settings, as well as to install the approximately 400 arc flash labels.  We also provided a model electrical safety program and consulted on PPE choices in a meeting with a local vendor.


Wagstaff, Inc. is a world leader in their field, and we could not be happier to play a small role in their success.

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