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We Make It Easy For You

Our guess is that you're looking for someone you can trust, who specializes in power studies, and makes arc flash labeling & training reasonably priced and easy for you.  That's us...


We travel to you and are currently licensed in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Being an NCEES record holder allows our engineers to conveniently become qualified to work in any state, so if yours is not on our list, contact us anyway, we can help.


Our lead engineer, Dana Lund, P.E. is uniquely qualified as he is also a Master Electrician who knows what it's like working in the real-world.  He uses his 20+ years of experience along with his engineering expertise to find the best solution in the most efficient way; saving you time and money.


We Keep You Productive

Many of our counterparts in the arc flash analysis and training business take a “you can’t possibly be safe enough” approach, mostly because they don’t really know what electricians do.  While safety is certainly incredibly important, ultimately that approach makes it impossible for electrical workers to do their job.  There are situations when work must be done energized; we teach when it is allowed by NFPA 70E and what you must do to comply.


Our focus is keeping workers safe AND keeping them productive.  When you really understand NFPA 70E, you’ll find that it is not overly difficult to comply with this code.


What Sets Us Apart

We believe in traditional business values where a handshake still means something and that you should get true value out of the dollars you spend.


We work tirelessly to provide quality arc flash, short circuit, & coordination studies, arc flash labels, arc flash training, and a model electrical safety program that allows for an easy transition to help you increase electrical worker safety and OSHA compliance.


The professional engineers at D.P. Lund Company are members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


We Have the Right Coverage

Electrical contractors are not able to purchase professional liability insurance.  They may well have general liability coverage, but if they don’t have a registered professional engineer as a direct employee, they will not have professional liability coverage.


Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance (E&O), is a coverage for businesses that offer professional services.  E&O insurance covers negligence as it pertains to an engineer’s professional services.


Electricians are licensed to install and maintain electrical systems.  Power studies meet the definition of the “practice of engineering”, and can therefore only be lawfully completed by a licensed professional engineer.


This is also something to strongly consider before attempting to complete your own facility’s power study.  The person that completes the study must be legally qualified, which means they must hold a professional engineer’s license, without regard to who owns the facility.  Even if the business employs a licensed professional engineer, they may not have E&O coverage if the engineer doesn’t provide consulting services to third parties.


Upon request, D. P. Lund Company will provide a certificate of insurance that includes the following coverages:

General Liability

Business Automobile Liability

Umbrella Liability

Professional Liability


Our Mission

D.P. Lund Company's mission is simple; to professionally guide our customers and work on their behalf as if we had an ownership interest in their company.  The world has become a complex place; we handle the intricacies of arc flash and electrical safety so  our customers can concentrate on their core business, knowing that D. P. Lund Company is working with our clients' best interests at heart.

Our History

Dana & Cris Lund started D.P. Lund Company in 1997 as an electrical contracting firm.  Later, we took what we had learned and applied it to our engineering.  With 20+ years in construction and engineering, D.P. Lund Company uses the knowledge gained out in the field and uses it in every electrical design and power study we do; creating value for our clients.


We use Circle L in our logo as a tribute to Dana Lund's parents. From the 1930s to the 1990's,

you could find jockeys in the winner's circle wearing the silks of Doug & Della Lund's stables.

We wish to continue that dedication to excellence in the services we provide.


On January 2nd, 1970 Douglas & Della Lund began operation of The Lund Agency.  Their advertising slogan was “If you don’t know insurance, know your agent.” Doug and Della were known for their honesty and fairness.  People trusted the protection of their assets with them.


Throughout the years that slogan has been a source of pride and purpose for Dana.  While consulting electrical engineering seemingly has nothing to do with insurance, in Dana’s mind it does...  "People have businesses to run, and the world has become very complex.  Our only real purpose is to develop a relationship with our customers and serve as a trusted advisor.  Our only goal is to forge a long term relationship with our clients so that, when questions or problems come up, they look to us to play on their team, knowing that we have their best interest at heart.  I guess you could say, 'If you don’t know arc flash, know your engineer.' "

D.P. Lund Company Logo

Our Founder

As a Master Electrician since 1997 and Professional Engineer since 2003, Dana P. Lund oversees every step of the power study and electrical design process at D.P. Lund Company.  If any client or employee has questions about an aspect of a job, they can consult with Dana and rely on him for accurate and efficient answers.  Dana is also a former certified insurance counselor who understands the importance of reducing employee risk or building and productivity loss.


Whether it is a power study or helping train your crew in arc flash and electrical safety, our primary concerns at D.P. Lund Company are safety, reliability, and value.

Photo of Dana Lund, P.E.

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